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Listen to 1930's Songs in Shanghai

13/07/2003, Sophie Li, Shanghai
  Share Zhou Xuan's oldies and feel the past of Shanghai

In the 1930’s, China’s entertainment industry took on a new look. Great changes and rapid progress in movie and music took place in old China, especially in the city of Shanghai, which enjoyed the leading role during that period. In the new era, much more attention was paid to many aspects, such as selecting themes, directing art, performance, cinematography and background music, etc. These art works advanced with the time and got close to life.
Meanwhile, a great many stars were nurtured. Among them, Zhou Xuan was an outstanding superstar. She was multi-faceted in singing and dancing and acting. In her transient but immortal life of only 39 years, she starred in over 40 movies and sang about 200 songs, which were handed down to this very day. Her songs reflected the unique features in Shanghai in the 1930’s: gentle and mellow. Hence Zhou Xuan was called ‘ golden voice’. Her contribution will be recorded in the annals of china’s art history forever.

song : Tian Ya Ge Nv(Wandering singer)
song: Ye Shanghai( Shanghai by moonlight)

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she seems great - 13/07/2003, matthias breitenbach, berlin
sorry, i couldn´t open your link to the mp3.
sad. i would like to hear her.
i could see the picture and she looked marvellous, great.
as i read your article harrys article came to my mind, where i´d telling about New York and the people there.
these people we adore or we like, they are our heroes...

greetings matthias

my page

plot? - 13/07/2003, Sophie Li, Shanghai
2ye, I think what you mentioned is the plot in a 1980's Chinese TV dramma called 'Shanghai Tan '(The Bund--Shanghai Beach), in which Mr. Chou starred as a big brother in a gang with the name of Xu wenqiang. HOwever, it's hard to tell if he really knew Zhou Xuan or not, let alone that he forced her to sing 1 year for him! History is based on facts, do you agree?

How about Zhou Yun Fat - 13/07/2003, 2ye Bao, China
In the world beating movie, crouching tiger and hiden dragon, we get to know the Chinese King of Movie, Chou Yun Fat. In 1930's Shanghai, Chou was a gang leader. His gang deal with many illigal business in Shanghai area. At that time, Chou met with the super star zhou xuan. He forced zhou xuan to sing one whole year only for him. Miss Zhou refused him.


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