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buying costumes for the mutation-rehearsals

matthias breitenbach, berlin
  today we were searching for costumes for the mutation-rehearsals.
we met in very famous and cheap second-hand-shop, called humana.
it has 4 floors, and one floor specially calles "TREND". it took hours till we found something for every actor. we were just 4. miriam, rahel, niels and myself and dirk, as the director had a look at all our choices.
this humana-shops (there are a few of them in berlin) are supporting "third-world-projects" and helping-programs. look at http://www.humana-de.org/
after 3 hours we werde exhausted but still not finished. miriam and i went to the western part of berlin in a "H&M". http://www.hm.com

its a chain of department-stores, which sells fancy and cheap clothes, spread all over germany. and they have there own sort of "third-world-project". they let produce their clothes very cheap in china and india, and i think at a lot of other places.



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